Ford Fusion 2006-12 Hyper-Street ONE Coilovers Lowering Kit Assembly

Ford Fusion 2006-12 Hyper-Street ONE Coilovers Lowering Kit Assembly

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Rev9 Hyper-Street ONE Coilovers for Ford Fusion 2006-12 are designed for tuners on a budget. Engineered to lower your vehicle with the combination of proper lengthen shocks and High tensile springs to work together to provide perfect balance between comfort and performance. Hyper-Street ONE Coilovers Lowering Kit Assembly. Rebuild-able Mono-Tube shocks with 16 damping force adjustment to help quickly stabilize and keep the wheels on the road when you hit a bump. High tensile springs are made from SAE9254 steel wire to assure high quality standards and longevity to withstand performance needs. Pillow-Ball top mounts provide sharper and precise handling are utilized if applicable. With all these key features to make Rev9 Hyper-Street ONE are one of the best budget kits on the market today.


  • Coilovers Spring Rate Front: 10 kg/mm (560 lbs/inch)
  • Coilovers Spring Rate Rear: 8 kg/mm (448 lbs/inch)
  • Coilovers Spring Id Front: 62 mm (2.44 inch)
  • Coilovers Spring Id Rear: 62 mm (2.44 inch)
  • Coilovers Camberplate Front: Yes, Standard Type
  • Coilovers Camberplate Rear: Yes, Standard Type
  • Coilovers Damper Levels: 16 Levels
  • Coilovers Height Adjustment: Yes
  • Coilovers Spring Length Front: 200 mm
  • Coilovers Spring Length Rear: 185 mm
  • Websites: rev9power
  • Attribute Set: Coilover Suspensions
  • Type: simple
  • Color: Metallic
  • Status: Enabled
  • Condition: New
  • Weight: 40

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